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Your Link to Insurance Research
100's of insurance, business and technology articles, many full sample ISO forms, white papers and information on issues affecting today's insurance marketplace.
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Right now as part of the insurance research, the Virtual University is presenting a special Certificates of Insurance Section and made it available to members and non-members.
Certificates of Insurance Resource Section 

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Ask Questions, Find Answers, Anytime
Sometimes you need answers to questions that can't be found in the research library.  To help with these "just in time" issues, we have assembled a faculty of leading experts from around the country. 
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Online Education on Demand
The VU offers a wide variety of online classes to enhance and expand insurance technical and business skills.   
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• Upcoming Webinar Topics

 As seen in the recent IRMI Update Newsletter Risk Tip:  Be Prepared for Experience Modifier Calculation Changes!  Click here for Big "I" Call to Action Memorandum.  The Big "I" and a panel of experts will present a FREE live national webinar "NCCI Experience Rating Split Point Change" on July 30, 2012 at 2pm ET to discuss changes and answer questions. 
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Fraud Training Center Offers Practical Resources
The Big "I" Virtual University LearnCenter has a comprehensive Fraud Training Center with resources and information at your disposal to train insurance professionals to recognize and combat fraud effectively.  Includes online CE classes, news and more.

Flood Insurance Resources
Looking for sample flood insurance checklists, articles, maps, marketing materials, links?   Check out the Flood area in the Big "I" VU.

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From the "Ask An Expert" Files Your Link To Virtually Everything Insurance
Free Bonus Article/Download
Insurance Implications of the Gulf Oil Spill"

"Interpreting Condo Association Documents for Insureds"

Whether agents should be reviewing ANY kind of contracts for insureds is an issue without an absolute solution. It depends on many factors, from the type of contract to the agent's experience and expertise to, well, lots of other considerations. Too often, though, someone may take on the review of a legal document they're simply not qualified to interpret.

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Members and VU subscribers have access to the most comprehensive informational hyperlinks page in the industry, the results of our periodic surveys and polls, and more.

 Certificates of Insurance Resource Section
 Big "I" Flood Program Resources 
Disaster Resources Page
• Diminution of Value Resource Page
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